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She's a picture taker; he's a movie maker.

This is essentially how the two of us came to meet each other, become friends, fall in love and get married.

We met shooting weddings together, with Lauren doing the photography and Jared doing the videography.

Working together was our favorite. We found that weddings always seemed to go so smoothly when we were working together,

and we loved the creativity that flowed from our teamwork. 

Since then, we've been running our company together for 6 years and we've even created a wonderful little life - our pride + joy, Oliver Wilde Witter. 

If you hop onto Lauren's instagram, you'll be sure to see a whole lot of him. Since growing our family, we've also grown our company to have 2 lead photographers! Kristen (formerly a Witter) Westhoff, who's been a part of our team for 4 years, is also a lead shooter for our Owl & Anchor photography weddings.


We fell in love while capturing other people's love stories, so you could say, weddings have a very special place in our hearts.

Let us tell your love story!